Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Jeweled Ring" in process


  1. The Jeweled Ring excercise was passed onto me and many fortunate artists by renowned colorist painter,Wolf Kahn. This Jeweled Ring will consist of 20 1'x 1'canvases. I am enjoying painting this in my backyard studio. The photo was taken by my friend and assistant Jennifer Wenker.
    The finished piece will be part of the exhihition at The Carnegie Art Center opening Sept. 10th. Until later, M. K. Hurley

  2. It's gorgeous Kay! It will be a show-stopper at the Carnegie...I can see it on the front page of some good publicity. It is a very COOl concept piece. Love ya, Jen

  3. I am curios about the jeweled ring exercise. could you tell me more?
    Thanks, Ardyth