Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Jeweled Ring

This shot of The Jeweled Ring was taken today. It is now completed and I am extremely happy with it. I have learned a lot from the process. The finished piece spans 5'.8"x 4'.6" and will be in my studio 701 at The Pendleton Art Center this for Final Friday. Come and see it!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Look" 4.25x3.75 collage

O.K., this will be another sneak peek for the Carnegie Show. "Look" is a 4.25x3.75 collage. I am passionate about works on paper. Collage has been a fascination for a long time. I've never experimented with it until after an inspiring trip to Miami Basil this past December with Paula Wiggins and Donna Talerico. We even hung out with Shepard Fairey!

Passions on Paper and Canvas: "Jeweled Ring" in process

Passions on Paper and Canvas: "Jeweled Ring" in process

"Jeweled Ring" in process

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

River Romance I 11x11 pastel

This is a sneak peek for a show at The Carnegie Art Center in Covington , Ky. opening September 10th 2010 with Paula Wiggins (mixed media) and Oliver Debikey (blown glass). I have chosen one of my passions as my theme - the river. There will be large to small works on canvas and paper.I've also included some miniature collages. These interpretations of the river are from many different perspectives...aerial to vistas from Cincinnati to Kentucky...sunrise to sunset.
I have been extremely interested in letting the process of painting in oil and pastel remain visible in this body of work.
The river is not the only passion that will be represented. Barns have been an obsession of mine for almost 50 years. Hope to see you there.


"Rapture" is a 14x20 pastel on Somerset paper.